NEWS: From Ratings to Likes

As you may have noticed, today I started switching 50WS over from a star-based ratings system to a “Likes” system. There are multiple reasons I’ve decided to make this change, and I’ll try to put together a post explaining my thought process soon.

For now, the ratings still exist and the “Popular Stories” box in the sidebar still shows the highest rated stories since we started using the current rating system. Over the next days or weeks I will completely phase out the ratings and replace them with the new Likes setup, including replacing the “Popular Stories” sidebar to reflect the stories with the most likes.

I’m definitely interested in your feedback on this change, so let me know how you feel about the switch. I will try to get my thoughts together soon for the sake of more clarity.

DAVID WING: Found – Please Take

A rather short gentleman.

Answers to the name Shamus.

Wears an emerald green suit, a buckled hat and black shoes and won’t stop smoking his pipe in the house.

Keeps on about his pot of gold but refuses to kick in for the groceries.

If he’s yours, please claim — soon.

 David is a writing student, has had work published on a few sites, and seems to be on a supernatural kick at the moment.


The Story of the Week for January 19 to 23 is Old Wounds by Perry McDaid.

Perry earned this distinction by exploring a relatively rare genre for this site, and conveying otherworldiness and a touch of horror/suspense quite effectively.

NEWS: 2014 Story of the Year Winner

You’ve seen the announcement of the $50 Story of the Year prize and the enshrinement in the new 50WS Hall of Fame.

You’ve read the six Story of the Year finalists, who each won a Story of the Month prize along the way.

You’ve voiced your opinions in the comments…

And while I had to deliberate long and hard, it turns out I ultimately agreed with most of you. The winner of the 2014 Story of the Year is:

The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter by Bob Thurber

Congratulations, Bob! Your 2014 submissions to 50WS were a great contribution to the site.

Keep an eye out for the creation of the 50WS Hall of Fame, where Bob will be installed as the first honouree. Winning Story of the Year may not end up being the only way to enter the Hall, so stay tuned for any developments on that front, too!