STORY OF THE MONTH: November 2016

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month.

The finalists for November were:

The Multiverse Says Hello by Stephanie Selander
Fortune Teller by Candace Kubinec
Carry On by Debra Pascarella
Palindrome by Pontius Paiva

The winner of the November 2016 Story of the Month, and the $10 prize, is…


The technical achievement of this story is almost worthy of the prize on its own. Its artistic merit adds a whole new incredible layer.


The story of the week for November 21 to 25 is…

My Fortune by David Rae

I’m always impressed when a writer can pack this much complexity into a 50-word story. David made excellent use of symbolism and simile and nursed tons of meaning out of every word.