NEWS: GeekingOutAbout Contest Results

The 50-word story contest over at has wrapped up, and the winners have been announced!

Congratulations to Chris Fries and Leslie Hanna, who won an ebook copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One, and to D.C. McMillen, whose story The 8:15 Train (which you can read below) earned the $25 top prize.


The 8:15 Train

We purposely collided on the 8:15. Before reaching this pivotal moment, we’d spent weeks admiring each other from afar. She laughed, taking the blame for our faux collision. Some small talk, then we played hooky at a nearby hotel. Now I take the 7:45.


It was a great contest, and really difficult to judge. Head over to the GeekingOutAbout post to read some more of the really strong entries.

3 thoughts on “NEWS: GeekingOutAbout Contest Results

  1. Congratulations to D.C. for a great story and a deserved win! Also to Leslie for a wonderful entry also!

    And finally, a humble ‘thank you very much’ for including me as well — I am honored and still very excited to have won!

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