NEWS: Pirate Week, and a Contest

I’ve teased a “Pirate Week” a couple of times over the past few months, and now I’m announcing that it is Officially On.

For the week of February 20 to 24, 2012, every story posted to 50WS will be pirate-themed. I’ll be looking for as many submissions as I can get. Forget one story per day, or even two stories per day: I’m going to post as many stories each day during that week as seems appropriate, so get writing and send your work in!

And guess what: there will be prizes! Here is the updated full prize list:

Fine print re: t-shirts: Shirts with stories on the back are only available up to size Large right now, but shirts with blank backs are available in more sizes. Shipping inside North America is included with your prize; if the winner lives outside North America I’d appreciate $5 to help cover the additional postage costs.

Contest Rules:

  • Each entrant is free to submit up to 5 separate stories.
  • Each story must be exactly 50 words long, not including the title.
  • Every story must have a pirate theme to be considered for publication and/or a prize.
  • If any runner-up winner already possesses an ebook copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two, the prize may be exchanged for a different ebook.
  • All entries must be received by February 17, 2012.

I’m looking forward to seeing what lands in my inbox. Arr, maties!

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