Yemi dropped to the floor, clutching the white paper in his hand.

The results of the DNA test stung his eyes. His status had changed from an illegitimate child to a common stranger. For 35 years, his mother had lied.

The hefty inheritance from his late “father” no longer existed.

Aubrey is an idealist with a fondness for writing and all things culture. She sporadically has vivid dreams about her unpublished books being on the New York Times best sellers list.

3 thoughts on “AUBREY LLOYD: Heir Today…

  1. How can 50 words be so evocative? I, too, have poignant memories of moving from one home to another. Ms. Mathews’ fifty words spoke volumes. Absolutely beautiful — and so very moving! (Notice the play on words?:-) Please write more, Ms. Mathews!

  2. Probably happens to so called ‘legitimate’ children as well. Imagine if there was mandatory paternity testing for all kids. Nice!

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