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Not My Size

He was charming and sweet, kind and wise. I told him so, and it made his face glow with pride.

But it was a fantasy. There were difficulties even love could not overcome. A great Dane like myself, married to a Pomeranian?¬†Society’s hand was turned too strongly against us.

This story was based on a title suggested by @MaryHutson.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: FLANNERTY 4: Late to Bed, Late to Rise

It was 9:30 AM in the third grade classroom, and Miss Flannerty was nowhere to be seen.

Billy and Bobby and Suzie wondered if she was sick or sleeping or dead.

Then the class telephone rang.

It was Miss Flannerty. “All-day recess!” she said. “And for homework, learn to spell ‘hangover’!”