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She stood at my door
one black glove, one red
and a lacy half-veil

Good evening, ma’am

I didn’t want what she was selling
but my kids did

Of course, they hadn’t heard
the asking price
the surcharges
the cost-to-benefit ratios

Just the allure
the affect

I’ve been there

This story is based on the prompt “one black glove, one red,” suggested by @big_poppa_G.
Editor’s Note: for clearest interpretation, read affect as a noun, which has been, lately, one of my favourite words.

The Crocodile’s Serenade

When Camille cried her crocodile tears and sang her songs of woe, it wasn’t really because she was lonely or sad. It was actually because she was a very dramatic crocodile, and she knew that great actresses could convey real emotion, so she was practicing.

That’s what she told herself.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Jesstrel.


Flashing lights seared his eyes; sirens blared in his ears; acrid odours assailed his nostrils.

There was a pressure on his chest, a rhythmic, thumping, crushing pressure. Something popped. A flood of warmth rushed through his body. His chest expanded and contracted spasmodically. He was dizzy.

He retched.

He lived.