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Back-to-School Contest – Win free books and ebooks!

It’s contest time again, which  means you’ve got a chance to win some great prizes by sending in your stories!

This time around, I’m looking for stories based on a Back-to-School theme. Interpret that however you want, as long as there’s some connection with school or the autumn season.


What kind of contest would this be without prizes?

There are five prizes available for the Back-to-School contest.

  • The author of the best Artistic Story will receive a print copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One and an ebook of their choice from my Store, as well as publication on FiftyWordStories.com.
  • The author of the best Humourous Story will receive a print copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two and an ebook of their choice from my Store, as well as publication on FiftyWordStories.com.
  • Three runners-up will receive an ebook of their choice from my Store, as well as publication on FiftyWordStories.com.

Contest Rules and Submission Details

Send your stories by email to tim@fiftywordstories.com. Please send each story in a separate email. Include the title of the story in the subject line of the email and copy the story itself into the body of the email. Please limit your entries to three stories per author.

The submission period starts now and is open until Saturday, September 1. Winners will be revealed during the week of September 3 to 7.

Stories will be judged by Tim Sevenhuysen.

Stories not chosen to receive prizes may still be featured on the site at a later date.

NEWS: Win a Free Volume Two Ebook

Want a chance to win a free prerelease copy of the Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two ebook? You have two chances to do so!

If you’re on Facebook, head over to the Fifty-Word Stories Facebook page and press “Like” on this photo.

If you have a Google+ account, click +1 on this post.

On September 10, I will do a separate random draw on each of these sites, and one Liker and one +1er will each receive a Volume Two ebook.

Of course, if you aren’t content to leave things to chance, you can always preorder a copy today.

NEWS: March 7 Pay What You Want Sale

March 7 is my fiancée’s birthday, so in celebration of that, I’m holding a Pay What You Want Sale for Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One. Until midnight PST on March 7, you can pay any amount you want to download the Volume One ebook bundle, which includes the ePub, .mobi (Kindle), and PDF formats. After this, the price will go back to $3.99.

So throw me a penny, a dollar, or heck, why not a grand? (I kid!) Take advantage of the offer, enjoy the book, tell your friends, and leave a review on Amazon, while you’re at it.

NEWS: Free Ebook With Print Purchase

People have been asking about packaging the ebook bundle with print sales. I didn’t think that would be possible, since Lulu doesn’t let me see any personal details for customers, but @davefp came up with a way to make it work:

If you have purchased Volume One from Lulu and would like an ebook copy, forward your email receipt to Tim@FiftyWordStories.com, with your address, etc., removed, and I’ll send the ebook bundle to that email address.

This offer stands for all past and future print orders. If you’ve already purchased both the print and ebook versions and would like a refund on your ebook, send me an email.

The reason I hadn’t set up any kind of print+ebook bundle before is that I didn’t think it would be possible to verify people’s print purchases, but your Lulu receipt should be identifiable enough to make this work. If this offer gets abused by people trying to grab a free ebook without making a print purchase, I’ll revisit things, but I want to make the offer available, because I think it makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to Dave for the implementation idea, and thanks again to everyone who has bought the book!

NEWS: Store Launch Week

Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One goes on sale tomorrow!

That means that this is Launch Week, and Launch Week means that I’ll be posting a story from a special guest every day, Monday to Friday, to celebrate! I’ll be featuring stories from MCM (1889.ca) and Woody Tondorf (Elevator Show, The Morning After), among others. There’s some great writing coming at you this week.

Release Details:

In preparation for the book release, I’ve spent the last couple of days putting together the FiftyWordStories.com Store. Today I brought the store to life (with a few hiccups; sorry if you were trying to access the site while I was tinkering with things), and you can see the print and ebook versions of Volume One lounging tantalizingly just out of reach. The products will go live tomorrow, which means that you’ll be able to

  1. Download the ebook bundle (containing the book in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats, along with the cover) directly from this site, after purchasing via PayPal;
  2. Click through to Lulu.com to order the book in print via my Lulu storefront; and
  3. Click through to the Kindle Store, where you can buy the ebook in mobi format and download it straight to your Kindle (or the Kindle app on your iPhone, etc.).

If you aren’t sure whether to download the ebook bundle from the FiftyWordStories.com Store or buy the Kindle version from the Kindle Store, the difference is that if you buy the bundle, you get the two other formats, as well, but you have to manually sync the mobi to your Kindle instead of downloading it directly to the device. I earn almost twice as much revenue from direct purchases vs. Kindle Store ones, but the choice is yours. If you buy from the Kindle Store and contact me afterwards, I’ll email you the ePub and PDF, as well.

Finally, if you know me in person and would like to buy the book in print, I may be able to save you a few dollars if you’re willing to wait until I have enough orders to get a “bulk” discount (and reduced shipping rate). If you’re interested in going that route, or if you have any questions or find any bugs, send me an email at tim@fiftywordstories.com.