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The Narcoleptic Turtle

“Sink or swim” was not a particularly relevant idiom for Nelson the narcoleptic turtle. He floated, and good thing, too, or he’d probably fall asleep, sink, and die. Instead he just bobbed along on the surface, snoring softly.

One day Nelson floated ashore and fell asleep there.

Narcolepsy is boring.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Vanguard1219.

False Awakening

He sprang awake, stifling a scream.

“It was just a dream!” he panted. “I’m not standing in front of the classroom in my underwear!”

“Keith, wake up!” shouted the teacher.

His eyes flew open and he blushed as the class laughed.

That was how Keith discovered hisĀ embarrassment-induced, false-awakening narcolepsy.