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NEWS: Christmas 25% Off Sale

Still haven’t picked yourself up a 50-word stories book or t-shirt? Well now’s the time!

Starting today, until the month of December, all FiftyWordStories.com products and bundles are 25% off when purchased online! That means you can save $3 off a book, $5 off a t-shirt, or up to $10 off a package deal, like the Big Bundle!

This sale is in support of the Diaper Fund.

Since I’m running kind of a cobbled-together PayPal store setup, I’ll be applying the discount as a refund after your purchase. Just make your order normally and, to help  me out a little, put the phrase “Christmas Deal” into the “Any special instructions or requests?” box. I’ll refund 25% of the order price (excluding shipping) to you.

Note: Story shirts are sold out in sizes above Large. There is one XL shirt with a logo but no story; email tim@fiftywordstories.com if you’re interested.

Buy Now for a Free Personal Story

Have you ordered yourself a copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two yet? If not, then here’s a bit of added incentive.

Everyone who buys Volume Two in print between today and November 5, 2011, will receive a free personal story written into their book! This will be a completely unique story, based on your title suggestion, that will never be posted anywhere else. Normally a personal story is worth $5, but for the next week and a bit, you get yours free.

This offer applies to all bundle purchases, as well, as long as the bundle includes a copy of Volume Two.

After November 5, personal stories will go back to being $5, so don’t miss out!

NEWS: Year Three Starts Tomorrow

FiftyWordStories.com Year Three starts tomorrow. I’ll be kicking off the year with a week of stories written by myself, and following that we’ll go back to Monday guest stories and my writing on Tuesday to Friday.

I’m really looking forward to this year. I felt like last year’s schedule, where I was writing four stories a week instead of seven, really brought up the average quality of my writing. More overall practice with the format helped too, of course!

There are a couple of small site tweaks I want to point out. First is that there’s a new Stories page that you can use to browse through the kinds of stories you want to read. I’ve gone back through the entire archives of the site and separated the stories into thematic categories, like I do with the books, so hopefully that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also just read Guest stories, or use the Search tool in the sidebar.

On another topic, I’m hoping to have Volume Two ready for ordering by the end of August. I still have work to do on the layout, the cover, and the bonus content. More details will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. I’m hoping to have a few other things available, too; there’s been talk of story-based t-shirts and fridge magnets going around “the office.” Those things will depend on cost, practicality, and interest levels, so if there’s something you’d really like to see, let me know with a comment or an email (tim@fiftywordstories.com).

Due to the improvements in story quality, I actually have almost 130 stories picked out for inclusion in Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two, compared to the 100 in Volume One. That means that even though I wrote fewer stories, more of them were good enough to put in the book, which is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Let’s have a bigger year than ever, and kick things off with a really fun August. Read, rate, comment, and submit!

NEWS: March 7 Pay What You Want Sale

March 7 is my fiancée’s birthday, so in celebration of that, I’m holding a Pay What You Want Sale for Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One. Until midnight PST on March 7, you can pay any amount you want to download the Volume One ebook bundle, which includes the ePub, .mobi (Kindle), and PDF formats. After this, the price will go back to $3.99.

So throw me a penny, a dollar, or heck, why not a grand? (I kid!) Take advantage of the offer, enjoy the book, tell your friends, and leave a review on Amazon, while you’re at it.

NEWS: Get 15% Off 50WS:V1 in Print

I received an email from Lulu.com the other day letting me know that they’re holding a sale, so I thought I’d pass the offer on to all of you.

Until March 15, 2011, enter the coupon code IDES305 and you can receive 15% off a print copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One. That means you can get the book for just over $10, plus shipping, which is a really good deal. And it doesn’t cut into my profits at all, since Lulu is the one offering the sale, so it’s a win-win!

Remember, if you buy a print copy of the book, you can receive the free ebook, as well, by forwarding me a copy of your receipt email.