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Caught With His Tongue in the Toilet Bowl

“Ruff woof,” said Fido, wagging his tail, but Max just said, “Bad dog,” and put him out in the back yard, because Max didn’t understand the witty wordplay (barkplay?) Fido was using, which involved a canine equivalent of something like “putting the ‘toy’ in ‘toilet’,” and was really very clever.

The Flee Market

“Grapplin’ hooks, skeleton keys, guard uniforms… I got everythin’ you need, man.”

“You charge a lot, Skivvy.”

“It ain’t easy to get stuff like this into my cell.”

“True dat.”

“But let me tell you, gettin’ nabbed for murder’s the most profitable thing I ever done. I’m makin’ a killing!”

Niche Audience

“Ok, let’s work on your quick, short punches and your wordplay. You’re going to be the best boxing comedian there’s ever been!”

Gurpreet paused. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m not sure I can ever be stronger and wittier than Youssef.”

“Nonsense,” cried his trainer. “He’s good, but you’re Punjabi.”

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