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Not Hearing What You Don’t Want To Hear

He couldn’t hear his wife because of his headphones. Just the way he wanted it. He nodded; pretended he could hear; looked contrite, apologetic, regretful…

She smiled, mouthed “Thank you,” and left to run errands. He had escaped the encounter unchastised.

Thirty minutes later, he smelled his birthday cake burning.

This story was based on the prompt “headphones” at TypeTrigger.

The Cinnamon Rolls Look Particularly Good Today

“What are you making today, Geraldo?”

“My friend, I have many creations! Witness my self-baking bread, and these gingerbread men dance and sing! Marvelous, no?”

“Truly, but all I wish for are some buns to eat with my soup.”

“How sad,” said Geraldo, “that we live in such a world.”

This story is based on a titleĀ suggested by @Zutzy.