9 thoughts on “CONNELL WAYNE REGNER: Departed

  1. I think that is a really clever story! Such a perfect twist at the end, especially after the use of the phrase “gone to a better place” It gets a lot in to the fifty word format; I admire that. It was fun to read.

    1. Ayesha, you would probably need to ask Tim and I would need to know the purpose for which it will be used (view the website etc.).

      Tim, if you read this you have my permission to pass on my email address to Ayesha.

      I hope to hear from you soon Ayesha and thank you for asking.

      Tim, this brings up another point. I have seen my work and the work of others from this site on other websites without permission being asked. What can be done about this?

      1. Send me an email, Connell. I’ve never come across content from this site being posted elsewhere without permission, but I’d be curious to know the circumstances.

  2. Dear Connell

    Please let me know your email address to send you details of a proposal to use 9 lines from ‘Departed’ in an English Language Teaching publication.

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