10 thoughts on “PAUL HOCK: An October Rain

  1. Great! I have seen and felt this rain, standing on my own porch (Michigan). I am curious about the sparse/missing punctuation. This is a 50 word story that lingers long after the reading. Thank you.

      1. Actually the version on this page is not the lined format I sent in. I think they compact everything inot a paragraph form. I will keep this in mind for future entries.

        1. Hey Paul! For what it’s worth, I attempt to keep submissions in the same format as they are sent in when I can (except in some cases where I take an editor’s liberty and adjust line breaks to improve artistic effect). But some types of indentations and things are difficult to display in emails (and on a site like this one), so I assume that’s what was lost in your email.

          I still think the poem works very well! :)

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