2018 Story of the Year Finalists

I love taking a look back at the amazing work that landed at 50WS throughout the past year. It’s time to deliberate over the winner of the 2018 Story of the Year!

Here are the 12 Story of the Month winners for 2018.

JANUARY: Roommate From Hell by Sarah Krenicki
FEBRUARY: Gospel by Beverly C. Lucey
MARCH: Sidewalks by Arlene Antoinette
APRIL: The Night the News Came by Bob Thurber
MAY: The Art of Disappearing by Patrick Mc Loughlin
JUNE: Dependency by Carrie Backer
JULY: Another Misadventure of the Broken Boys by Bob Thurber
AUGUST: Pizza Night by Maura Yzmore
SEPTEMBER: The Summer of Sweet Mary (circa 1972) by Bob Thurber
OCTOBER: Understanding by Katherine DeGilio
NOVEMBER: Archived News Clipping (Filed Under Irony) by Jo Withers
DECEMBER: The last time I saw my brother by Guy Preston

The winner, as chosen by editor Tim Sevenhuysen, will be announced on Sunday, January 20!

The prize for the Story of the Year winner is:

  • $50 (Canadian)
  • Enshrinement in the 50WS Hall of Fame

Let everyone know your favourite story in the comments!

Throwback: In 2015, Bob Thurber won the Story of the Year award with his piece The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter. In 2016, Guy Preston took the prize with One Job Away From Retirement. The 2017 winner was Jennifer L. Freed, for Aunt Peg. In 2018, Constellations by Jonathan Kosik won the award.

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