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  1. A summer romance
    This story started in summer. Once upon a time a girl named Alejandra start working in a museum, she started in August 2018. Her first day it was on the exact day of the museum’s anniversary, so she started working down in the lobby receiving the public. After that they she started know working in the offices in the area of Accounting and Finance. The first weeks she felt, timid and quiet; after a couples of weeks she started to talk with her coworkers, and little by little and through de months was grabbing trust to talk with other. But she felt affection especially with one coworker, because they have a lot of common things and they connect. They started to connect more in 2019, but there was a time that the boy walked away from her and she felt sad: she started to feel bad, she started wondering it self, she wanted to send a message to him but she couldn’t send de message; after 3 months the boy send her a message saying that he really sorry, after that message they started to connect a little bit more. The last months of the year something started to grow between they. They started to go out, send love messages and give gifts between they. Christmas pass and starting almost the year 2020 in January the boy asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. After that date the are really happy, the really love each other.

    By: Angela Michelle Pozos Lozano
    Date: 02-02-2020

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