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Leading Lady

“I’m a world-class artiste!” the actress pronounced. “I require the perfect environment to nurture my delicate muse.”

“So it’s your muse who eats six pounds of blue Smarties every day, then?”¬†muttered her browbeaten young assistant.

“Silly boy; we don’t eat them! We throw them out the window at people.”

Creative people are weird. Cough.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Vigafray.

Appropriating Art From the Everyday

Critics and laymen shared exclamations of delight as they wandered in awe through the halls of Fallo’s gallery.

“The texture!” they said. “The movement! The tone! The pizzazz!”

Everyone wanted to know Fallo’s secret.

He told them, “My tools are my heart and my toothbrush,” and flashed a paint-stained smile.

She Was A Teenaged Aardvark Sculptor

Her works were renowned throughout the world. She was a teenaged aardvark sculptor, the greatest that ever lived. She worked with stone, ice, and clay: every medium was her domain, subject to her whims.

She hid in anonymity, each masterpiece a portrait of self-loathing, of her wish for human form.

This story was based on a title suggested by @VikkieTheMimm.