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Taking an Aging Break

“Blow out the candles, Fraser! Yay!”

Fraser Wendel Summers shook his chubby hands in delight. Two years old!

He’d been born February 22, 2009, but had taken an “aging break” in the spring of 2010. He hadn’t liked having a February birthday.

July wasn’t his favourite, either. Next time he’d aim for August.

His initials are FWS. Get it? Get it!?

It’s been a great two years. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my stories and sending in submissions of their own! You all deserve some birthday cake, courtesy of my wife and me.

Enjoy some Fifty-Word Stories birthday cake!

I’m really looking forward to recharging for Year Three, which I’m planning to start on August 1, 2011. Until then, enjoy some more great guest stories.