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He Bought Me Fancy Coffee

We were at some overpriced, hipsterish coffee “boutique.” Jared got a mug of frothy stuff and stuck his face right in there, giving himself a mustache.

“Lookin’ good!” I joked, so he kept the “mustache” going all evening. Ironically, he said.

Wait. That doesn’t mean he likes me, does it?

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “froth.”

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Seventeen Seconds

Joanna had seventeen seconds to decide: would she help herself, or help someone else? Which would it be, selfishness or altruism?

To her left lay the bike trail to work. To her right, a struggling local donut shop and the subway system.

Joanna turned right. Today, she was a hero.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Haberley.

A Real World-Killer

“How was your economics class?”

“I gave a cute guy my phone number.”

“…Oh. Did you learn anything?”

“I learned where he’ll be tonight around sevenish.”

“Did you learn anything economic?”

“I learned that I can make him pay for my coffee.”

I sigh. “You’re a hero, Margaret. A real world-killer.”