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Ted Henson had just finished up his pitch for his crime thriller masterpiece, Graves, and was waiting to hear the verdict.

A suit walked out and ushered him back in. Another suit started, “We’re sorry, Mr. Henson, but we can’t…”

And then he noticed the gun in Mr. Henson’s hand.

Eric has been writing short stories for around a year.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS WINNER: Joey To – The Useless Suspects

Five men lined up, all with greasy moustaches and wearing dark blue shirts.

I scanned. Not him. No… No…

I turned to the sergeant beside me. “The last two are identical twins. How am I supposed to tell?”

He shrugged… But then I noticed the thin cuts below his nose.

Joey has never participated in a police line-up. Instead, he prefers to line up some potatoes, peel them one by one, cook them, and then eat them. And he also tries to write a little.

Editor: Joey is the winner of the Moustache Memoirs contest and the $15 Amazon gift card! His story also wins this week’s Story of the Week.