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Come On, Man, Take a Chance Sometime

Before we knew what was happening, I was hanging by my fingertips over about a billion miles of empty sky, my buddy and his parachute were dwindling into an invisible speck somewhere below me, and the chicks were whooping like banshees.

What’s wrong with being boring? I LIKE being boring!

This story was based on the prompt “before we knew” at TypeTrigger.

Your News at Nine

“In today’s headlines,” said the news anchor on TV, “civil unrest rages on throughout the Middle East. Also, Hugh and Bob Mungus need to stop playing so much XBox and do their homework.”

“Huh?” said Hugh and Bob.

Mom grinned. She hadn’t told her sons about her new boyfriend yet.

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt, “in today’s headlines.”

Probable Descent

“Eighty-six consecutive rejections. I give up.” He downed his scotch.

“Pessimist,” I scoffed.

“Just let me crawl down into my Deep Hole of Lonelitude.” His glass being already empty, he downed my scotch next.

Nearby, a withered, watery-eyed man in a wheelchair said, “Psh. Romance? Wouldn’t solve your problem, anyways.”

This story is based on a title suggested by Jeremy Quinn. It is a companion to his previous title suggestion, Unlikely Ascension.