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Commune of the Condemned

They shared everything together. Every scrap of bread; every whispered word; every somber smile. They were a community: they shared a goal, a common end. After all, the only thing worse than awaiting death was awaiting it alone.

On sad days, their numbers shrank; on sadder days, their numbers grew.

The title for this story was suggested by Ragepyro.

Distinguished By His Height

The entire town had gathered to witness the unveiling of a new method of execution.

A fine specimen of a man was watching with the others. He stood a head taller than anyone else in the crowd.

But after the Horizontal Guillotine malfunctioned, no one looked up to him anymore.

One Way Out

The runners toed the line and prepared for the firing of the gun. Muscles tense, they tried to clear their minds and relax. Many years of blood, sweat, and tears had led to this moment. They felt woefully unprepared.



They fell, their wish for freedom finally, permanently granted.