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“I have never before encountered such impudence!” blustered the King. “It is an affront! It is an outrage! Insulting! Degrading! Disrespectful! I should have you put in the stocks, clapped in irons, hanged, beheaded! You’re just so very, very… Well, impudent!”

“My most humble and sincere apologies,” said the imp.

This story was based on the prompt “never before” at TypeTrigger.

To Live in Peace, Plant Potatoes, and Dream

“Tonight we shall incur the esteem of our ancestors!” bellowed King Tawnyfeathers as his eager army growled in anticipation.

But his heart wasn’t in this fight. He wished he were lying in his garden, gazing at the clouds, interred in the earth he had cultivated.

Ah, to be a potato…

This story was based on a title suggestion by Claire Martin via Facebook.

Extreme Palace Makeover

The foreman scribbled calculations on his clipboard. “We’ve done it before, but never on this scale.”

“Cost is unimportant,” said the king, opening his wallet. “She wants it done, so it must be done.”

The foreman nodded understandingly. “If she says ‘move the castle,’ then you better castle queen side.”

Editor’s Note: This story was based on a call on Twitter for two nouns and a verb. @davefp responded with castle (noun)wallet, and castle (verb, as in chess).

Palace Politics

King Goliath was proud and haughty. He ruled over Grenwald, the largest kingdom in the land. One day he was feeling so proud that he said, “If anyone can prove they are mightier than I am, I will give them my kingdom.”

These days Grenwald is ruled by a Queen.