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Todd Was Not So Brave

Todd had several seconds to contemplate the feeling of free fall. He was surprised to find that he hadn’t passed out. Maybe he was braver than he’d thought!

The instructor joked, “What would you do if our parachute didn’t open?”

The rest of the descent was warm, wet, and awkward.

THICKE AND EDGELOW 9: Share-a-chute

“Remind me again,” shouted Timothy Thicke, “why I just fell out of an airplane.”

“Because I pushed you,” yelled Evan Edgelow.

“And why did you push me?”

“Our cover was blown.”

“And why did you grab the stewardess, too?”

“I have a thing for redheads! Also, she has the parachute.”


The C-12 Huron transport plane climbed, climbed, climbed, then evened out.

“This is crazy. Why are we doing this?” said Rick.

“Research, man, research. Science and stuff.”

The nervous elephants trumpeted and stomped in place.

Rick shook his head. “We ain’t in no Disney movie!”

“That’s why they’re wearing parachutes.”

For this story, I asked my family to suggest two nouns and a verb. My father suggested elephant, parachute, and stomp.



Two men burst through a stained-glass window and plummeted downwards.

One man screamed aloud.

The second man suavely raised an arm and caught the first as a parachute ballooned out of his sleeve.

“You saved me again!” cried Timothy Thicke.

Evan Edgelow smiled. “It’s what I do. Now, run!”


Wind rushed past his face.

There was an itchy spot on the back of his neck. He scratched at it absentmindedly.

Meanwhile, there was an itchy spot on his elbow. He scratched at it absentmindedly.

Meanwhile, there was an itchy spot on his back, underneath his parachute.

Oh yeah. Parachute.