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The Speed of Dream

“It’s literally unbelievable how fast I can run.”

“Uh huh. Sure. Are you as fast as a car?”

“I’m faster than that.”

“As fast as a jet?”

“Faster than that.”

“As fast as Usain Bolt?”

“Faster than that.”

“Pfff. Maybe in your dreams.”

“…Isn’t that what we were talking about?”

This story was based on the TypeTrigger prompt “faster than that.”

Faster Than Age

She was a natural athlete; she was born running and never stopped. She had a long career as a world champion and Olympic gold-medalist in track and field.

At the age of one hundred and three she stumbled over a chair, which gave Death a chance to finally overtake her.

The Marathon

They ran and they ran and they ran.

They ran and they ran and they ran and they ran and they ran and they ran and they ran.

They ran.

They ran and ran.

And then they ran some more.

They ran really, really, really far.

And then they stopped.

Too Much Focus

Muscles rippled under the skin of the runner’s mighty thighs.


They were off!

He kept his head down, pouring all of his energy into each stride. No challengers were close behind, and only a few yards remained!


The rest of the pack swept past, moving the opposite direction.