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How the End Begins

“How will the end begin?” my daughter asked me one night. “And I don’t want you make any jokes about the letters ‘T’ and ‘H’ or tell me I’ll find out when I’m older or change the subject!”

Just then, a billion trumpets sounded.

“Whoa,” she said. “Never mind, daddy.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @stealingzen.

The Warm Numbness of Hypothermia

A final luxury granted to the condemned: “How would you like to go?”

He contemplated deeply, finally requesting the warm numbness of hypothermia.

In this land of sun and sand, his choice spoke to a greatness of spirit that moved the tribunal’s hearts.

But it didn’t move them that far.

Today’s story is based on a title suggested by @stealingzen.

The Snake’s Pajamas

Snavrin the garter snake shivered in the grass and dreamed of being warm-blooded. Life was cold!

That afternoon, a little boy and a little girl caught him. He was terrified!

The girl slipped a set of green pajamas over his neck. Now he was warm!

But he looked pretty silly.

This story is based on a title suggested by @StealingZen.

Buy Today and You’ll Receive a Second Bottle Free!

“Do you drool while you sleep? I know I do!” enthused the man on the television. “Wish you had dryer sheets? I’ve got your secret weapon!

“Our patented combination of butter and mouthwash turns your midnight drool into sweet-smelling, easy-cleaning wax! You can even cook with it later!

“Problem solved!”

@Stealingzen responded to a call for prompts with the words “butter,” “mouthwash,” and “dryer sheets.” I admit I may have subverted his intentions on the dryer sheets a little.