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The Adventures of Lord Flufferkins and Sir Oakfeller

“Shall we?” pondered Lord Flufferkins.

“Indeed,” said Sir Oakfeller.

“Tally ho!” cried Lord Flufferkins.

“Quite,” agreed Sir Oakfeller.

“En garde.”


“Harry, what’re you doing?”

Harry started. “Er, nothin’!”

“Are you playing make believe with a stick and a bit of fuzz!?”

Harry blushed. “I’m just… Just practicin’ my ‘magination!”

This story was based on a title suggested by Master Gunner.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: One Third of a Hat, and Half a Pair of Shoes

There was a man at the corner with one third of a hat and half a pair of shoes. I offered him my boots. He sold them to a homeless guy for ten bucks and gave the money to a woman at a bus stop.

I really liked those boots…

Alternate Version:
He stood there on the corner, with tattered hat and coat. His backpack overflowed with toys that he was handing out.

His shoes were only halfers: they covered just his heels. I offered mine, but he declined, ungrateful little eel.

He made me feel guilty, and guilt is not genteel.

This story, and the supplementary poem, were inspired by a title suggested by @hexapodium.