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The Quest

In a movie I saw as a boy, there was a mystical cave hidden behind a waterfall. I remember how eagerly I quested that summer, how I found nothing but slippery rock faces.

Lying here, cold and tired, I sometimes wonder… What would I have found behind the next one?

This story was based on the prompt “waterfall” at TypeTrigger.

The Adventures of Captain Scowlyface

Once upon a time, Captain Scowlyface found himself clinging to a slippery, moss-covered rock at the peak of a raging waterfall. He wasn’t happy about it, so he scowled so harshly that the river dried up , leaving behind a series of puddles that said “SORRY; PLEASE SMILE!”

But he didn’t.

@BearHawkWriter deserves credit for the title “The Adventures of Captain Scowlyface.”