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And Then Silence

He stood amid chaos, tumult, and noise, hearing nothing.

A voice passed through his mind. “Speak your wish, and your hearing can be restored to you.”

He looked around him, at the lights, movement, and stone-eyed faces. “Do not restore my hearing,” he said. “Please take my sight, as well.”

This story is based on a title suggested by @PanzerVaughn.

The World Was Made Of

The world was made of peanut butter and apples.

Actually, it wasn’t, but Kimmy would’ve been thrilled if it was. She was a daydreamer like that. Once she had thought about the world being made of chocolate and strawberries. She wasn’t sure which she’d prefer. Maybe a continent of each.

Which would you prefer? Or is there an entirely different food combo you’d rather have the world be made of? Leave a comment!

At Her Bungalow in South Dorset

She’d forgotten where it came from. Maybe she’d won it in a game of bingo that time she went to Paris…

Now and then it made funny noises when she went down the steps.

It seemed so content, sitting there under her front porch. Her very own happy little universe.

This story was based on this prompt from @Haberley.