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NOGARD 6: Tough Love

“Bad Nogard!” cried Cliven. “Bad!”

The Veterinary Cleric writhed on the ground, clutching his charred intestines.

Perching in the shattered window frame, the little dragon licked its lips with a serpentine tongue, flames hissing through its dilated nostrils.

Cliven wagged his finger. “Do you want me to get the muzzle?”

NOGARD 5: Beginning of the End

“I won’t let you kill my dragon!” cried Cliven.

“He’ll become a zombie!” insisted the Veterinary Cleric. “Hundreds could die!”

“I don’t care!”

Nogard shuddered in Cliven’s arms. His eyes rolled backwards, and all his muscles went slack.

“No!” Cliven screamed. “Is he dead!?”

“Well,” said the Cleric, “kind of.”