3 thoughts on “CONNELL WAYNE REGNER: A Hard-Boiled Romance

  1. Hi, I really liked the concept of this but was bothered by three things:

    1. Ripped through warm flesh – I think through is a wasted word, ripped warm flesh has more impact.

    2. “beautiful” “mockingly” – I think you could do better

    3. “sultry red lips of hers” – kinda redundant, I mean, they had to be her’s. And “sultry” well…

    With a little work this could be primo! I hope this is received with the encouragement I intended


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your constructive criticism. It is much appreciated. It sounds like you’re in the business. In any case, I’m not particularly precious about my writing and realise it ranges from cringe worthy, mediocre to a few pieces that hopefully have potential. I rely on Tim to cull the really bad ones. It probably doesn’t serve me well that I experiment with different genres, although the constant changing is part of the fun of writing for me.

      Rest assured your words have been received with the encouragement that was intended. I am currently writing a longer version of this one (and tweaking it along the way) which hopefully tells a more complete story and also hopefully sees the light of day somewhere.

      Many Thanks,

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