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Sigmund dove for cover, gunshots ringing in his ears.

“Hello,” said Carl’s ghost.

“Girly scream!” said Sigmund.

“You just killed me,” said Carl’s ghost.

“…Sorry?” squeaked Sigmund.

Carl’s ghost shrugged.

“Blam!” said Carl’s partner’s gun as it shot Sigmund.

“Girly scream!” said Carl’s partner.

“I’m really hungry,” said Carl’s ghost.

GEORGE 3: A Balanced Approach

Cock gun, point gun, pull trigger. Only three simple steps separated George from vengeance. The stupid cow stood and blinked its heavy-lidded eyes, oblivious.

This isn’t difficult, George chided himself. Cock, point, pull.

He couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t his conscience. It was just hard to balance on one leg.