TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Turnabout is Fair Play

“I vant to suck your blood!”

“I’ll report you.”

“…Vut? Vut are you meanink?”

“I mean I’ll call the cops. Actually no, I’ll call a magazine and give them the scoop, first. You’re famous, right? I’ll get big bucks and your career will be over.”

“…And zey call ME bloodthirsty.”

Tim Sevenhuysen is the editor of FiftyWordStories.com.

1 thought on “TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Turnabout is Fair Play

  1. ‘The magic and horror of Halloween’, there should be more of it. Although not really celebrated where I’m from the kids have already done their ‘Trick-or-treating’ for the year and ‘yes’ there were some vampires in the neighbourhood.

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