NEWS: Story of the Year Finalists and Prize Details

Because the new Top Stories system was set up halfway through this year, we have six Stories of the Month all vying for the top honour: Story of the Year. The six finalists from 2014 are:

JULY: Paper Crosses by J Ian Manczur
Through the Window by Alex Mascarenhas
SEPTEMBER: Summer Learning, 1975 by Jennifer L Freed
OCTOBER: The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter by Bob Thurber
NOVEMBER: Inspiration by Perry McDaid
DECEMBER: The Learner Voice by Arthur Brown

Have an opinion? Let everyone know who YOU would pick in the comments!

I’ll be selecting and announcing the prize winner very soon. Speaking of which…

Story of the Year Prize

The prize for the Story of the Year winner will be:

  • $50 (Canadian)
  • Enshrinement in the new 50WS Hall of Fame

I’m still thinking through the fine details of the 50WS Hall of Fame, but in general it will be an exclusive way to recognize the most noteworthy authors who have contributed to the site.

8 thoughts on “NEWS: Story of the Year Finalists and Prize Details

  1. A vote outside the hue and cry! This vote for Perry McDaid and his “Inspiration” This would be my pick as the story of the year.

    I do not care much for the long rambling bio, but the 50-W story website is not really about bios, it’s about interesting stories. So, I honor the story. This one is very, very interesting … so it got 5-stars from me, and another star as being the best of the stories in the running for story of the year.

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