3 thoughts on “PERRY MCDAID: Inspiration

  1. I liked the piece and can appreciate parallelism so it’s 5 from me.

    I do wonder though if the readers see your extra-long biography being allowed as unfair and have thus decided to punish your story by voting it down, which ironically is also unfair. The story seems better than what it’s getting in the votes department.

    I would be interested to hear what others think.

    1. There’s been a lot of pretty low voting lately. I’m not sure why!

      I obviously thought this one deserved higher star ratings, too, since I picked it as story of the week.

  2. This would be my pick as the story of the year.

    I also do not care much for the long rambling bio, but the 50-W story website is not really about bios, it’s about interesting stories. This one is very, very interesting … so it gets 5-stars from me, and another star as being the best of the stories in the running for story of the year.

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