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  1. Far be it from me to be the voice of reason, but I think you’ve opened up a can of worms here – to clean up or not to clean up ‘that’ is the question. Surely there’s a middle ground where a man doesn’t need to live like an animal or become a professional cleaner in order to be beyond suspicion.

    1. Or perhaps it is the recollection of a true story by the writer. My money is on the wife being suspicious regardless of the condition of the house. Once a slob always a slob. Kick him out.

    2. The voice of reason? Really? I suspect you are pretty save in not being accused of being the voice of reason here.

  2. Hear, Hear! My point exactly! Thank you for your support.

    Reason should always be left behind in the pursuit of fun. Thanks for the story Barry.

  3. ‘Reason’ above was in response to Burdell’s comments and not in response to your story, Barry.

    However since you have asked the question it would be rude of me not to answer. Not being a psychologist the question is beyond the scope of my professional experience, but purely as a bit of speculative fun I can only surmise that suspicious minds give rise to deceitful behavior and deceitful behavior gives rise to suspicious minds. It probably goes both ways for males and females alike. Sally suggested that the wife could be suspicious regardless of the condition of the house. This seems to be a valid observation. The possibility could be that she has been cheated on in a previous relationship and has brought that baggage with her to her new relationship. In this case she may not need to be kicked out, but would certainly need therapy.

    The “Thanks for the story Barry” was for you in writing a story that stimulated enough interest for people to comment.

    In your story your character is between a rock and a hard place ‘to tidy up or not to tidy up’. (Basically a no win situation). I wouldn’t suggest it was one of your recollections as Sally has done because I believe this is a fiction site as stated clearly on the top of the page and not a confessional one. If my fictional meanderings are based on true stories I respect the readers enough to tell them in my Bio.

      1. Unfortunately, there was no hint to your identity, but duly noted now Barry Williams. My views are of little consequence in such matters beyond a bit of speculative fun as above. More important is what you think and how you got to those views.

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