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Pawsome Bear Adventure

“It’s Leap Day!” said Benjamin Bear. “Let’s have an adventure!”

“We could go swimming in the ocean!”┬ásaid Bartholomew Bear.

The two boys ran to the shore and dove in, laughing and splashing and playing.

“Swimming is pawsome!” they said.

“More like jawsome,” said Samuel Shark, eyeing them from below.

This story was based on a pun I saw on a McDonald’s Happy Meal bag.

For Our Protection

“You have a gun? That’s crazy! I don’t want that in here!”

“Relax. It’s perfectly safe.”

“But guns are used for shooting things.”

“Yeah, like bad guys. Or moose.”

“But… Wait, what about bears?”

“Sure, I could shoot those.”

“The fewer bears in the world, the better. Get on it!”

This story is dedicated to Kate, who provided the title that inspired it.