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Prized Possession

Cynthia theatrically flung open the wardrobe. “Well?”

After an awkward pause, Greg said, “It’s…”

“I know! Isn’t it?” enthused Cynthia.

Greg paused. He wasn’t actually sure what he had been going to say. “It” was some kind of all-of-the-neons polka-dotted dress thing. “Yes,” he managed at last, “it really is.”

The Most Comfortable Time of Day

Milt wasn’t wearing any pants.

“Hey,” said a guy walking by. “Why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

“Didn’t you know?” Milt said. “It’s no-pants o’clock!”

The guy scrunched up his face. “Is that some kind of joke?” he said.

“Nope!” said Milt.

So the guy took his pants off, too.