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Would-Be Sharpshooters

“The next shooter up is One-Eyed Joe, who has selected a well-balanced Luger handgun. Here he goes…

“Oh! Sorry folks, no luck yet.

“Now we have Drunken Donny Davis. He’s really waving that twelve-gauge around! Let’s see if he can put a hole in the broad side of the barn.”

GEORGE 4: A True Omnivore

The heifer chewed her cud.

That funny one-legged man stood in front of her, holding some kind of metal tube and balancing precariously on a crutch.

Now he was pointing the metal thing at her forehead. It smelled delicious.

Later, in the farm house, George softly rubbed his bandaged hand.

GEORGE 3: A Balanced Approach

Cock gun, point gun, pull trigger. Only three simple steps separated George from vengeance. The stupid cow stood and blinked its heavy-lidded eyes, oblivious.

This isn’t difficult, George chided himself. Cock, point, pull.

He couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t his conscience. It was just hard to balance on one leg.