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The Particular Conundrum of Constable X

Constable X was an enigma to Constables Murphy and McDonough.

The Captain said Constable X worked solo because he’d lost partners before.

Something didn’t feel right about that, so they did a bit of prying.

Turned out he slept in his office all day.

And donned a mask at night.

This story is based on a title suggested by @MisterFiendZero.

THICKE AND EDGELOW 13: Layers Upon Layers

“Did you just shoot the chief of police?” asked Timothy Thicke, incredulous.

“No,” grunted Evan Edgelow. “It’s a mask.” He peeled off the imposter’s fake face.

“Wait,” said Thicke. “It’s another mask.” Underneath the second mask was the chief of police.

“Hold on… A third mask?”

Phew. No fourth one.