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A Match Made in the Heavens

“Where have you been?” they demanded, leaning out of their windows in pajamas and nightgowns. “Did you get lost? Did you think it was funny?”

They hadn’t seen the moon in over a week!

Moon peeked over the horizon at her dearly beloved, the sun, and hid a contented blush.

The Royal Space Express

Once upon a time, the beautiful princess journeyed to the Moon.

It was cold there. Not even the Moon Badgers were warm.

Even after the princess skinned three Moon Badgers and made a coat, she was still cold. So she set her spaceship on fire, and everyone was warm together.

The Hard Way

Some folks say that when a red moon crests the horizon, twenty-three percent of the world’s pregnant women are within an hour (in either direction) of giving birth.

Me? I say it’s more like eighteen percent. A lot of folks like to exaggerate. I found that out the hard way.


“Have you been to the moon?”


“Have you been to the International Space Station?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Have you been to the Hubble telescope?”

“No! What do you think I am, some kind of astronaut?”

“Well your résumé says…”

“Oh. Right. Yeah, I’ve been to all three of those.”