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The Royal Space Express

Once upon a time, the beautiful princess journeyed to the Moon.

It was cold there. Not even the Moon Badgers were warm.

Even after the princess skinned three Moon Badgers and made a coat, she was still cold. So she set her spaceship on fire, and everyone was warm together.

Atrophy Apathy

It was comfortable in his bed, so he decided to stay there.

It was still comfortable the next day, because it was so soft.

It was still comfortable the next week, because it was so warm.

It was still comfortable the next month, because he couldn’t feel anything at all.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: A Warm Wind at the Poles

The igloos were melting.

On the one hand, the warmer temperatures meant there would be more people around. On the other hand, it meant they’d soon be staying in tents. Tents were easier to break into, Percival the Polar Bear knew, but he found that igloos kept the humans fresher.