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MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Connell Wayne Regner – The Prowess of the Sexy Moustache

“What happened to your moustache?”

“It just got up and left.”

“What kind of crazy talk is that?”

“Look, all I’m saying is when push came to shove it got pretty hairy. I told her to choose between me and my moustache, and go figure, she chose the moustache.”


Connell acknowledges the sex appeal of the moustache in the 1970s and has dared to answer the question, “What if….?” in this disturbing and dubious tale of hairy proportions. Connell has requested that comments, if any, be kept as cheesy as possible in keeping with the theme.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Peter Li-Ping – Gloop of the Day

This guy in the restaurant had actually drunk straight from his soup bowl, leaving a neat pea-green soup moustache. Rolling up his sleeves to attack the main course, he’d splattered food up to his elbows. Watching him in the mirror, I supposed I really should address his lack of manners.

Peter Li-ping has yet to see an attractive moustache. He feels, however, that they are better than tattoos because they can be shaved off. Except when someone tattoos a moustache on themselves, which is really weird.