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The World Was Made Of

The world was made of peanut butter and apples.

Actually, it wasn’t, but Kimmy would’ve been thrilled if it was. She was a daydreamer like that. Once she had thought about the world being made of chocolate and strawberries.¬†She wasn’t sure which she’d prefer. Maybe a continent of each.

Which would you prefer? Or is there an entirely different food combo you’d rather have the world be made of? Leave a comment!


All was still in Buckingham Palace. Not even the royal mice were stirring, despite the delicious royal peanut butter that had been slathered on the royal mouse traps to stop them from stealing the Queen’s royal hair ties.

They’re learning, thought the Royal Hair Tie Protector to himself. The fiends.

@Zutzy responded to my call for three nouns to base a story on with “peanut butter,” “hair tie”, and “Buckingham Palace.”

Aye or Nay?

The clock ticked and tocked.

“We must come to a decision quickly!” the professor implored them.

“A vote!” cried Vincent.

Six ayes; three nays.

“The ayes have it,” said the professor. “We shall spread our toast with strawberry preserves. Vincent, make the preparations.”

But fate dictated other arrangements: peanut butter.