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Eat Your Ice Cream, Bart

“Eat your ice cream, Bart,” said Mom.

“But I want more broc’li!”

“You are what you eat,” Mom reminded him, “and all these vegetables are making you grow up far too fast. I want my little sweetie back!”

Bart grimaced grumpily.

“I’ll put carrot shavings on it,” Mom offered.


This story was based on a title suggested by my sister Catherine.

Vegetarian Roommate

“There’s a monster under my bed!” whimpered Sophie.

“I know,” said Mom. “I put it there. It likes dark places.”

“Won’t it come out at night and eat me!?”

“No, it’s a vegetarian.”

Sophie put fresh heads of lettuce under her bed every day for the rest of her life.

Kid Chameleon

When he wanted to stay in bed, he imitated a cozy blanket.

When he wanted to keep playing outside, he made himself look like a tree.

When he didn’t want to eat his broccoli, he blended into his chair.

Dad was usually fooled, but Mom could see right through it.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Vigafray.