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The 50WS Hall of Fame is a place to celebrate some of the most accomplished authors who have contributed to FiftyWordStories.com over the years. Read on for a list of inductees, including biographies and links to their stories.

List of Inductees
Bob Thurber (January 2015)
Guy Preston (January 2016)

Bob Thurber

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BT-bwPhotoIn 1974, at the age of nineteen, Bob Thurber bought an electric typewriter and set out to become a writer.  Despite his lack of education, he worked at writing nearly every day for over twenty years before submitting for publication. He sold his first story at the age of forty-two, then went on to publish hundreds more, along with a stunning first novel and two collections of short fiction. His work has appeared in Esquire and other notable publications, and received a long list of awards and citations, including The Barry Hannah Fiction Prize. Selections have appeared in thirty-six anthologies and been utilized in schools and colleges as teaching tools and as examples of concise prose. He resides in Massachusetts where, though slowed by severe vision loss, he continues to write every day. Visit his website at www.BobThurber.net.

Bob Thurber became the first inductee into the 50WS Hall of Fame after earning the 2014 Story of the Year prize for his story The Mapmaker’s Calligraphist Daughter, along with two other 2014 Story of the Week awards.

Guy Preston

Read Guy Preston’s stories on 50WS

GuyPrestonAs Guy boarded the plane, his friend nudged him and whispered that the airline had one of the worst safety records in the world.

“But what’s the worst that could happen?” he joked.

One emergency landing later, Guy sat inside a Peruvian airport and started to write his first poem.

In his eighteen month literary career, Guy’s work has been featured on 50-Word Stories and his grandmother’s fridge door. He is currently working on a collection of short stories, and writes almost exclusively with a pen he found in a train station car park. In his spare time, Guy plays songs about cowboys and fighting dragons in the desert.

Guy currently lives in Scarborough, a small English town famous for having the world’s longest train station seat. Contrary to popular belief, he does not own a pet toucan. This is his first 144-Word bio.

Guy Preston became the second inductee into the 50WS Hall of Fame after earning the 2015 Story of the Year prize for his story One Job From Retirement to go with two 2015 Story of the Month awards.

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