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So Long, and Thanks For All the Rides

It was late. Mintred and Neldred were on their way home from Neldred’s retirement party from Municipal Dolphin Transport.

Suddenly, they heard a shout and a splash. Hardly thinking, Neldred dove and kicked, arriving just in time to save the man’s life.

Thus began a series of new aquatic adventures.

This story is based on a series of tweets in which I asked people to guess what form of transport I was riding.


TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Don’t Call Me Savior

Our Hero stood resolute in the middle of the rain-soaked, corpse-littered asphalt.

Zombie earthworms.

They inched closer, exuding sinister inevitability, crushed, broken, bloated, wasting away, and hungry.

Our Hero calmly set a bowl of oatmeal on the ground, flavouring it with his own blood.

That should keep them. For now.

I asked, on Twitter, what I should write a fifty-word story about today. @dotsam wrote, “Saving the universe with a bowl of oatmeal.” @RacoonResidue wrote, “Zombie earth worms.”

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: He Hadn’t Quite Read Too Many Comic Books

“Oh man… You got owned! And he took your girlfriend, too! What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to become a recluse for two years and teach myself advanced martial arts so I can rescue her and be a hero!”

“That’s dumb.”

“…True. I’ll just find a new girlfriend.”