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The Olympian

He had the eyebrows of a Greek god.

He kept them in a vacuum-sealed glass display case, mounted onto a simple plaster bust, and reluctantly loaned them to museums for a few months every year.

Few people noticed that these months always coincided with The Olympian’s annual vacation from superheroism.

This story was based on the prompt “the eyebrows” at TypeTrigger.

Mia is Special

“Time for bed, princess!” trilled Mom.

Little Mia said, “Why?”

“So you can sleep, and have lots of energy tomorrow.”

“I don’t need sleep.”

“Of course you do, dear.”

Mia laid awake in her big-girl bed all night, wondering what sleep was and why everyone else did it so much.

This story was based on the prompt “what for” at TypeTrigger.

Mia will appear in Special People, my superhero-with-a-twist serial web fiction, in a future story.

The Particular Conundrum of Constable X

Constable X was an enigma to Constables Murphy and McDonough.

The Captain said Constable X worked solo because he’d lost partners before.

Something didn’t feel right about that, so they did a bit of prying.

Turned out he slept in his office all day.

And donned a mask at night.

This story is based on a title suggested by @MisterFiendZero.

The Dark Rodent

“‘You saved my life, Ratman! How can I thank you?’ –¬†‘I didn’t save you so you could thank me, Mr. Cheese. I just wanted to eat you myself!’ – ‘Oh no! Help me, someone!”

“Rusty, stop playing with your food!” snapped mother. “Why can’t you act like we normal mice do?”

The Decision Maker

When the smoke cleared, she felt… different, somehow. Her skin tingled, her biceps bulged, and when she squinted at her hand she saw right through it!

“Wow,” she thought. “I should choose a name for myself. Glory Girl? The Menacer? Peace Defender? Hot Commodity?”

She decided to stick with Melanie.

C- in Villain 101

Shocking, isn’t it? Can you take the heat? Try not to lose your cool!”

Bullman sighed. “So that’s why you have the electric eel, the soldering iron, and the snowball? Give me a break. This is embarassing.”

Doctor Awful shrugged. “I have a plasma shotgun behind me, if you’d prefer.”

Normally today’s story would be from a guest author, since it’s a Monday, but during the Contest period Mondays will be used for normal stories.