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Rat Mummy

“Look, Pa! A dead rat!”

“Lemme see, Gerald,” said Pa. “Ah, it’s only a skellington and a bit of skin. Musta died a long time ago. Funny how nice he’s sittin’, like he went out calm and peaceful. Makes you wonder, kinda.”

Deep inside Ratankhamen’s corpse, a long-preserved soul-spark flared.


A Small Problem

A mouse lived inside my walls. I tried to feed it cheese and peanut butter and other tasty things.

“I cannot take your gifts, sir,” it said. “I am afraid you will trap me!”

I convinced it I wouldn’t. We became friends.

A small problem: my rodent-phobic wife found out.

This story is based on a title suggested by @eikoandmog.

The Dark Rodent

“‘You saved my life, Ratman! How can I thank you?’ – ‘I didn’t save you so you could thank me, Mr. Cheese. I just wanted to eat you myself!’ – ‘Oh no! Help me, someone!”

“Rusty, stop playing with your food!” snapped mother. “Why can’t you act like we normal mice do?”

Claim to Fame 2

The former mayor sat pouting in the gutter. “He’s hoodwinked them all with his luscious, bushy beard!” he muttered. “I must uncover his secret! But how?”

“Did somebody say ‘Butt Howe’?” wheedled a large rat wearing a silk top hat. “At your service!”

“You can help me?”

“For a price.”

This story is a sequel to this story.