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MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Deborah Davis – Juxtaposition

Several of Lily’s co-workers grew moustaches that November. Her eyes watering, she forced herself to smile and congratulate them. She made a generous donation to fight cancer.

That evening, at the drugstore, Lily decided to try a different brand of bleach cream.

The electrolysis appointment was still two weeks away.

Deborah Davis lives and writes in Richland, Michigan, with her trusty dog, Gracie, by her side.  Her work has been featured in The Great Lakes Review, Bethlehem Writers’ Roundtable Magazine, Halfway Down the Stairs, and Searchlights and Signal Flares.

MOUSTACHE MEMOIRS: Garett Pierce – Sandwich

I walked in to get a delicious sub sandwich. Behind the counter was a person who had a beautiful black moustache that could have been waxed and morphed like Salvador Dali.

I got my usual. I purchased my food. I glanced at the name tag of the sandwich engineer:


Garrett Pierce is a fun person who play a total of eight instruments.

Someone to Think About

She was standing along the highway the first time I saw her, hair blowing freely in the wind. I thought about stopping to pick her up, but it was just a thought.

I’ve seen her six times since, always somewhere different.

I can’t stop thinking about her.

But only thinking.

This story was based on the prompt “by the road” on TypeTrigger.

Looking for a Special Kind of Woman

I asked Mom once why I had an uncle but no aunt. I figured they were a bundle deal.

Mom said, “Your uncle has three defining characteristics: veiny biceps, chest hair, and a fanny pack full of beef jerky.”

I still don’t know which of those is the bad thing.