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The story of the week for February 27 to March 3 is…

Constellations by Jonathan Kosik

This was one of the strongest weeks of stories I’ve ever had the privilege of publishing on the site, and Jonathan’s story capped it off with a brilliant cocktail of emotions and art. Wow.

STORY OF THE WEEK: February 26

The story of the week for February 20 to 24 is…

A double!

Welcome by Angela Brett

I’m always a fan of unique characters and using a moment to imply backstory and future events. This story is so much bigger than its single character interaction!

STORY OF THE WEEK: February 19

The story of the week for February 13 to 17 is…

A double!

The Bells by Hannah Froggatt
Oneiric by Pontius Paiva

Great artistry and imagination from both authors. We had a very strong week and now and then I’m forced to expand my rule-set a little!

STORY OF THE WEEK: February 12

The story of the week for February 6 to 10 is…

Over by Joan Trueman

Subtlety and understatement are great techniques, and Joan used that approach here with an excellent example of “show, don’t tell.”

STORY OF THE MONTH: January 2017

The Story of the Month is chosen from the Story of the Week winners announced from the past month.

The finalists for January were:

If… by Kamalinii
2:00 am by L.S. Engler
Vampire by Alexandra Keister
Fake Smiles by Carmen Olowu
Arte Verborum by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

The winner of the January 2017 Story of the Month, and the $10 prize, is…

Arte Verborum

From the very first phrase, we’re hooked into this story, drawn into the idea of an “enchanted” book. Then we discover the nature of the enchantment, and it’s such a joyful thought, perfectly crafted for the community of readers and writers that frequents this site.


The story of the week for January 30 to February 3 is…

Trapped by Mark Farley

We’ve come to expect nothing less than this kind of creativity and depth from Mark. Another great contribution!


The story of the week for January 23 to 27 is…

Arte Verborum by Ingrid Jendrzejewsky

The joy of reading is important to so many people. Ingrid did a great job of celebrating that joy in her story.


The story of the week for January 16 to 20 is…

Fake Smiles by Carmen Olowu

Carmen’s message is important, and the way she delivers the story suggests more skill than you’d expect if you knew before reading it that she was 13 years old. Thanks for sharing, Carmen!


The story of the week for January 9 to 13 is…

Vampire by Alexandra Keister

This is a twist story, but not of the type we normally get here. Rather, the title suggests a straightforward fantasy or adventure story, and instead we get an intense, heart-breaking (pun intended) allegory where the title passes from description into metaphor. Alexandra continues to impress.

2016 Story of the Year Winner

The winner of the 2016 Story of the Year, along with the $50 prize and enshrinement in the Hall of Fame, is:

Aunt Peg by Jennifer L. Free

Death is one of the more common themes on this site. In fact, death was part of the theme of the 2015 story of the year, as well. But I’ve never seen death explored as subtly, meaningfully, or personally as Jennifer did here. Aunt Peg doesn’t jump out at the reader. It doesn’t assert itself or demand that you read it over and over. And yet it stays with you somehow. After the words and sentences have faded, the idea and the character remain. I still haven’t gotten over it six months later. It’s brilliant work, and I’m proud to have given Jennifer a venue to share this story.

Honourable mentions to the excellent Five minutes until ‘I do’ by Mark Farley and Palindrome by Pontius Paiva, which is the most technically impressive 50-word story I’ve ever read. This is the second consecutive year Mark Farley has appeared as a runner up for story of the year.